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Rediscovery within Change

CHANGE…. The word change is such an invigorating word for some and it can be such a dreaded word for others. Over the past 4 weeks, we have seen seismic shifts in the world. Shifts on a global stage, shifts in the environment that we live in, shifts in our own personal lives, and for many; shifts in our viewpoints. We have seen more change in the past 4 weeks than what we have in 10 years.

Over the last month, we’ve lost many perceived freedoms, from the ability to go on holidays; to go to the pool or gym to workout; to duck down to the café, or even go to work.

And within our own personal lives, cataclysmic shifts have hit each and every one of us, all at different times and all impacting on our lives in unique and devastating ways.

Grandparents can no longer see their grandchildren.

People who were ‘safely’ employed, are now stood down indefinitely.

Children are now home and learning the discipline of how to school remotely.

And parents are juggling to hold everything together.

Putting all of this together, we are in the midst of the toughest of challenges that we have experienced in our lifetime. Added to this is that we have no idea for what the future holds for us. Will we ever return to 'normal'? What does 'normal' look like"

There is one thing for certain; we wait all of this out from our homes. Our homes. Our castles. Our sanctuary’s.

By staying at home; a slowing of life has been created. By staying at home, we are seeing a return to an era many often recall with fondness and often regret that the generation of today would not experience. By staying at home, we are now returning to an era reminiscent of our childhood or our parents’ childhoods.

Over the past few weeks, as the world has shifted around us from all fronts, we are now taking in new sights. It is a delight to see families out walking or riding bikes together; vegetables and gardens being planted across backyards; puzzles and board games taken out of cupboards and; households filled with the smells of baked goods.

As we stay at home, the gift of time has been given to us, to re-bond with our homes, our castles and our sanctuary’s. As we stay at home, the gift of time gives us the opportunity to rediscover and reconnect. Rediscover and reconnect with ourselves, our passions and each other.

By staying at home, how have you re-bonded with your castle, your sanctuary?

By staying at home, what have you rediscovered about yourself?

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