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About Dr S

Hi, my name is Simone and I support amazing and fabulous people and businesses like you to come alive, and ignite your heart and mind to what might be possible. 

I inspire people who feel stuck in their jobs and businesses to break through their barriers, understand their whole self and create a life they love that is beyond their imagination.

For individuals that is to believe in themselves, authentically. Then to cut the people pleasing and step into a life of their choosing. This could be transitioning from roles that no longer inspires them to fulfilling new careers, callings, or build a wealth mindset. Anything is possible!

For businesses, that is supporting them and their teams using people-centered techniques to inspire, uplift team performance and develop clear concise strategy that gets delivered on... every time.

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Dr. Simone Boer

"What an exploratory journey to clarity and growth. The workshop with Simone had my neurons firing and inspiration flowing. Watch out world!"  Cora Trevarthen, 2022

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I work with businesses of all sizes, inspiring them to visualize their future and develop their staff. My workshops are engaging, fun and life-changing.


Additionally, I offer coaching and mentoring services to empower individuals to achieve their goals using practical strategies, brain hacks, and mindfulness techniques.


With my support, you can overcome limiting beliefs and achieve breakthrough results on your path to success.

What I Can Assist You With

  • Find your passion and catalyze change to live an abundant life.

  • Develop a wealth mindset to retire early.

  • Change careers and prepare for new opportunities.

  • Overcome fears and negative self-talk, and release trauma.

  • Eliminate overwhelm, confusion, and analysis paralysis.

  • Shift from overwhelm to strategy, from procrastination to focus, and from confusion to clarity.

  • Discover your truth and feel fulfilled and purposeful daily.

  • Experience what it means to feel alive again.

  • Step into a prouder, bolder, braver, and richer version of yourself.

  • Create a life path for yourself and your family.

Dr. Simone Boer

Neuro Science Meets Strategy

Live Your Best Life

I have always had the desire to help, that is to make a fundamental mark on what I do. A fascination with how the brain works led me down the path of psychology and neuroscience, before shifting to a career in strategy. Combining my people centred approaches with strategy enables me to bring the human flavour to business and get people aligned to common goals.

Questions I have spent years pondering:

How much control do people have in making decisions?

Do people have the ability to change their outlook and therefore the way they make decisions?

What drives people down certain life pathways?

Can people just embark on a better life, because they too make the decision?

The persistence of these questions in my every day work in strategy allowed me to bring in coaching and this is where the magic happens. The perfect blend of visioning and understanding of people motivations to get there.


I’m here to inspire change, large-scale change – in your life; in your business. I propel action in people, to have the self-confidence and belief and achieve things not believed to be possible.

My best possible moments are the buzz that you can just feel from the shifts in people’s perspectives.

My clients achieve things far beyond what they believe to be possible, while feeling invigorated, energised, alive and deeply connected to their work.

With me in your corner, we work together to create the future you or your teams desire, enabling change and lighting up that spark you have.

Dr. Simone Boer

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