Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, my name is Simone and I support amazing and fabulous people and businesses to come alive, igniting their hearts and minds to what might be possible. I create the space for people and business to ask the deep questions they have been afraid to ask. For individuals that is to transition from roles that no longer inspire them to fulfilling new careers and callings. For businesses that is supporting businesses and teams using people centred techniques to inspire, uplift team performance and develop clear concise strategy.

I have always had the desire to help, that is to make a fundamental mark on what I do. A fascination with how the brain works led me down the path of psychology and neuroscience, before shifting to a career in strategy. Combining my people centred approaches with strategy enables me to bring the human flavour to business and get people aligned to common goals.

Questions that I have spent years pondering

  • How much control do people have in making decisions?

  • What drives people down certain life pathways?

  • Do people have the ability to change their outlook and therefore the way they make decisions?

  • Can people just embark on a better life, because they make the decision to?

The persistence of these questions in my every day work in strategy allowed me to bring in coaching and this is where the magic happens. The perfect blend of visioning and understanding of people motivations to get there.

I’m here to inspire change, large-scale change – in your life; in your business. I propel action in people, to have the self-confidence and belief and achieve things not believed to be possible.

My best possible moments are the buzz that you can just feel from the shifts in people’s perspectives.

My clients achieve things far beyond what they believe to be possible, while feeling invigorated, energised, alive and deeply connected to their work.

With me in your corner, we work together to create the future you or your teams desire, enabling change and lighting up that spark you have.

What I Can Assist With

For Individuals:


Finding your passion and catalysing change. Helping you live an abundant life.

Helping you change career & prepare for your next career opportunity.

Resume, cover letter, key selection criteria writing and review of your online profile.

Preparing for your next job interview.

For Businesses:

Challenge thinking around innovation & design.

Create space for businesses to ask deep questions they have been afraid to answer.

Uplift team performance through people centred techniques.

Enable change in a change adverse environment.

Establish or reconnect you with your Purpose, Vision & Values.

Public speaking to motivate and excite your audience for change.

Everything you need to get your business online!

Some Questions For You

Do you want to play big?

Do you want to live your life or business by design?

Do you want to unleash your potential (or that of your people)?

Do you want to achieve amazing results, you never thought possible?

My Services
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Coaching & Mentoring

Find your passion and unlock your full potential.






Learn More

Transform your life and reconnect with your passion. Learn how to move from a job or role that no longer sparks joy to a new fulfilling career with new opportunities and challenges. Using people centred techniques to inspire and uplift performance you can achieve more.

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Resume Writing, Interview Preparation & Career Success

Don't leave your dream job to chance. Be prepared for your next opportunity.

Resume Refresh

Cover Letter

Key Selection Criteria

LinkedIn Profile

Mock Interviews

We offer a full range of services to assist you with your career success. Whether it be updating your resume, or starting a fresh, we can assist. Uplift your resume, cover letter, online profile and  key selection criteria and prepare yourself for your next opportunity. Our Mock Interviews will help establish your strengths and weaknesses allowing you to refine your approach to success.

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Corporate Workshop Facilitation & Strategic Planning

Establish your business goals with an engaging series of executive workshops.






Clearly identify or reconnect with your purpose and rediscover why your organisation exists. Start your journey of engagement now with custom built workshops designed to ignite your passion. Including, process, staff engagement & themes, voting processes, innovation and bringing teams together through hard conversations. 

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Key Note Speaker

Do you need a powerful key note speaker & trainer for your event?






Motivate your audience right from the start. I share key insights and real skills with clear intent to activate your audience and obtain high information retention. Set the foundations of your event with a motivational, passionate key note.  

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Getting you online

Guidance, support and design to take your business idea and get you on the web



Stand out



It is not unusual that as people find their passions, they want to pursue their passion in a business format. Often, they don't know where to start. With me, you can be mentored through from your business idea, to actually launching it on the internet.


Before working with me, I invite you to book a half hour complimentary catalyst call with me. This is an opportunity for us to connect and to start to understand what magic we could create in a series.

Book now for your complimentary session on info@afreshapproach.com.au