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About Us

We are dedicated to enabling high achievers to fully embrace and live the life they have imagined by helping them realize their full potential. 

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Our Vision

We are committed to igniting the potential in high achievers, empowering them to live their best life, the way they've always envisioned. We believe that everyone has the right to not just dream about the life they desire, but to live it wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

Our vision is larger than life. We are creating a tidal wave of positivity and growth, cascading out into the wider community, ultimately shaping a better, more vibrant world.

At our very core, we carry a steadfast belief that's unshakeable: Everyone deserves to dream boldly, and even more so, to live their dreams. This belief is the backbone of our work, the heartbeat of our company, and it fuels us in our mission to turn dreams into reality for each individual we work with.

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Client Success Stories

Working with Simone has been life changing. I was initially a bit sceptical of the coaching scene before starting the journey with Simone. The real power of the program comes from the tools and techniques to change your mindset. They are tools for life and it changes how you look at the world. Having felt stuck careerwise for many years and not knowing what to do next, I was able to make good progress on finding my next path. I have achieved so much in such a short amount of time. The time and cost are well worth the results for yourself, career and family.

Daniel Testimony

Daniel Appleby

Simone was incredible to work with. I was able to draw from her vast life/professional experience, brain hacks and motivational resources to improve my life in several areas. Some of the highlights involved hypnotherapy, goal setting, action plan prep, and getting to know myself on a deeper level (i.e. shadow values). I would recommend Simone to anyone who is 'stuck' in life, or have lofty goals but need a helping hand reaching them. Was a pleasure to work with Simone, I look forward to reconnecting again in the future.

Matt Testimony

Mathew Kirk

And that's also what we hope for you.

Get Results: We are relentless in our pursuit of success, and we measure our progress by the tangible transformations we bring about in our clients' lives. We're here to make real change, and we won't stop until we do.


Focus on the One Thing: We believe in the power of concentrated effort. By honing in on the singular, most impactful aspect of our clients' goals, we can guide them towards their dreams more efficiently and effectively.


Be Your Magic: We celebrate individuality and the unique strengths each person brings to the table. We encourage our clients and each other to embrace our distinct talents and 'magic,' leveraging them to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Create a Better World: We're not just in the business of personal success; we're here to make a difference in the world. We strive to ensure our work contributes to a more positive, vibrant, and compassionate society.


Live Your Best Life: Life isn't just to be dreamt, it's to be lived - vividly, boldly, beautifully. We champion the art of living life on your own terms, crafting your narrative, and savouring every chapter. Our purpose? To energise your journey towards living your best, most radiant life.

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Dr. Simone Boer


Dr Simone Boer

Hi, my name is Simone and I support amazing and fabulous people and businesses like you to come alive, and ignite your heart and mind to what might be possible.

I inspire people who feel stuck in their jobs and businesses to break through their barriers, understand their whole self and create a life they love that is beyond their imagination.

For individuals that is to believe in themselves, authentically. Then to cut the people pleasing and step into a life of their choosing. This could be transitioning from roles that no longer inspires them to fulfilling new careers, callings, or build a wealth mindset. Anything is possible!

For businesses, that is supporting them and their teams using people-centered techniques to inspire, uplift team performance and develop clear concise strategy that gets delivered on... every time.


Outside of work: I'm a mother of two - a six year old and an almost 2 year old. Yes - I have juggled being pregnant, having a new born, all the while while starting and growing a business! I live in Lara and love gardening, preferably without my chickens helping! I also love talking, and learning all things property.


Fun fact about Simone: I have a quirky dry sense of humour. You better watch out for it.

PhD Neuroscience
Life Coach
Results Coach
Transformation Coach
Innermetrix Consultant
Workshop Facilitator
Public Speaker
Psychology Degree
Many years in top management

    20 years experience in research and learning of human          behaviour


    Life Coach of The Year 2022/2023

    Transformational Coach of the Year 2023

    Rising Star in Transformational Coaching 2022

    Featured in Forbes Australia

    Featured in more 10 podcast and Interviews

    APAC Insider Awardee Transformational Coach of the Year      2024

    12+ Years of Government experience across many tiers          across many disciplines

    Extensive workshop development and facilitation                      experience (hundreds of workshops delivered) 

    Ph.D. in Neuroscience

    Certified Innermetrix Profiler: DISC, Values and Attributes

    Diploma in Project Management

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Mary Ann Batindaan


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Ann completed her business administration degree with a focus on human resources management. Ann followed her passion and pursued a profession as a virtual assistant (VA) despite her academic background. She is a good-hearted, hardworking individual who is committed to realizing her goals. Ann’s experience demonstrates that anyone can pursue a different route and succeed if they are determined enough. As a VA, Ann is not just doing a job; she's a dreamer who brings kindness and dedication to her work. Her heart is as big as her dreams, and she's creating her success story. She teaches us that challenges are opportunities, and setbacks are steps towards success.

Outside of work: Playing volleyball is something I truly like doing when I'm out of work. Playing a match with friends or a friendly game is always so much fun. Also – spending time with my nieces is something else I adore. They're the finest! Love to play with them every day off. 

Fun fact about Ann: In addition to being a virtual assistant, I also serve as my friends' certified joker!  I treasure being able to make friends laugh and smile. Yeah, I know it’s not on my face, but I truly am.

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