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Create Your Dream Life in 5 Months

(9 Professionals Wanted for Life Changing Opportunity)


 ATTENTION All Hardworking Aussies!


Scrolling endlessly through socials, while your emails pile up? Frustrated by those relentless Zoom calls and never-ending notifications?

Is THIS your life now?


What if I told you that your DREAM JOB is only 5 months away? And that thriving business idea you've shelved? It's waiting for YOU.


No MBA? No problem. Want to keep your lifestyle? Done.


I’m here to help you to create the life you told yourself you would have…


And I’ll help you get there faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


Ready to go? Let’s Talk!


Hi, I’m Simone.

Remember that feeling of juggling work while dropping off your kid, feeling like a failure in both roles? I've been there. Struggling to please an unappreciative boss while sacrificing precious family time? That was me.


With 9 career changes in less than 20 years, I felt STUCK. But now? I’m living the dream and I want the same for you!


I’ve always had the desire to help... A fascination with how the brain works led me down the path of psychology and neuroscience, before shifting to a career in strategy. Combining my people centred approaches with strategy enables me to bring the human flavour to business and get people aligned to common goals.


My clients achieve things far beyond what they believe to be possible, while feeling invigorated, energised, alive and deeply connected to their work.  


With me in your corner, we work together to create the future you or your teams desire, enabling change and lighting up that spark you have.


Let’s do this together.

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Easy! Watch This Free Training to Get Started!



My Personal Guide to Unlocking Potential

Dr Simone Boer

If you've ever felt that there's more to life or just need a nudge to find your path again, I genuinely believe this training could be the breakthrough you've been waiting for. Join me, and let's rediscover our potential together!

Understand Stuckness: Discover what it really means to feel stuck and how it affects your happiness.

5 Key Reasons: Learn about the major causes, from societal conditioning to fear-driven mind games.

Self-awareness Hack: Pinpoint areas in your life where you're feeling stagnant.

Practical Steps: Get tangible strategies to push past barriers and rediscover your potential.


The Program:

If you're:

Dreaming of a better work-life balance Craving fulfillment in your career

Wanting to start that business you’ve always dreamt of…

...then keep reading.


I’m giving 9 committed individuals:

Laser-focused strategies to move from hesitation to action


Neuroscience hacks to boost confidence and break barriers


Tools & templates to kickstart that dream job or business

If you’ve ever felt like you’re on the verge of something incredible, but just need that nudge to break through…


Well, that’s precisely why I crafted my "100 Brain Hacks to Success Programme." But let’s chat a bit about why this isn’t just another self-help gimmick:


Neuroscience Combined with Coaching: So, I’ve spent a good chunk of time diving deep into the magic of neuroscience. But don't worry, there's no jargon overload here. I've translated those complex studies into easy-to-use hacks. Think of them as little shortcuts to reroute your brain for success!


Four Pillars of Transformation: I’m all about solid foundations, which is why I built the programme around four core areas: getting to know the real you, owning your choices, reshaping your mindset, and turning dreams into reality. These aren’t just fancy terms; they're game-changers.

Tailored to You: Everyone’s different, right? So why should everyone get the same advice? From personalised coaching to unique resources, this journey is all about you. You're not just another face in the crowd.

The Power of Community: The journey's always easier (and more fun) with company! Join an uplifting community and share, learn, and grow together. Plus, we’ve got guest experts dropping in. Trust me, you won't want to miss their wisdom!

Who’s On Board?: Whether you’re an ambitious go-getter feeling a tad lost, or someone with a big vision and looking for the roadmap, there’s a spot here for you.

The "100 Brain Hacks to Success Program" is all about empowering you to be the best version of yourself. It’s about passion, growth, and making those dreams tangible.  Fancy a chat? Let’s start this journey together!


Success Stories


From near-bankrupt carpenter to owner of a flourishing cleaning agency in just six months


Corporate veteran, once lost, now thriving in an entirely different industry with newfound purpose


Business owner who skyrocketed revenue by 1000% after the pandemic's hit


Consultant from a major firm now spearheading a business that makes a true difference

Want to be one of these success stories? Book a call now!

Or, listen to what these incredible people had to say about working with Dr Simone!

Dr Simone Boer - continues to offer a different perspective. Listening and adapting to your personal circumstance then enlightening and challenging you to reflect and just reposition yourself to a better place and becoming a better you.

Mark Giles

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