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Dr. Simone Boer

Up level your mindset, up level your life with 'Brain Hacks' 

I'm a neurocoach with over 20 years experience in research and learning of human behaviour, I have helped shape communities and multi-million dollar companies. To do this, I use brain hacks to help high-achieving corporate professionals dissolve their insecurities, get off autopilot, and short cut them to their dreams. For businesses, I use a combination of brain hacks and strategy to align their people to success

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Certified Innermetrix Consultant
Certified Organisational Coach

Your Retreat Awaits...

Next Awakening Retreat: 19th-21st July 

Hack Your Brain to Confidence and Success

Dr. Simone Boer: The “Hacks Queen” Revolutionizing Coaching Through her Unique Blend of Neuroscience and Strategy, to get you confident, happy and living, without regret. 

Dr. Simone Boer - The Brain Hacks Queen

Dr. Simone Boer - The Brain Hacks Queen

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Dr. Simone Boer

Are You Ready to Uncover Your Authentic Self and Ignite Lasting Change?

Discover you, the 'true authentic you'. Get confident and take control of your life, career, and relationships with our transformative coaching program, 'Ignite You'.

As seen in Forbes, our ground breaking personal development program is tailored for ambitious individuals seeking clarity, purpose, and self-discovery. Our program features over 100 neuroscience-backed "brain hacks" and proven strategies that will guide you on a life-changing journey to break through limitations and unleash your true potential.


Experience the power of our transformative coaching program and unlock a new level of personal growth and fulfilment.


" Working with Simone has been life changing. I was initially a bit sceptical of the coaching scene before starting the journey with Simone. The real power of the program comes from the tools and techniques to change your mindset. They are tools for life and it changes how you look at the world. Having felt stuck career wise for many years and not knowing what to do next, I was able to make good progress on finding my next path. I have achieved so much in such a short amount of time. The time and cost are well worth the results for yourself, career and family. "

Daniel Appleby Feb 2024

Experience Life-Changing Transformation

Receive a combination of practical career and business coaching, cutting-edge neuroscience-based brain hacks and transformational life coaching to help you

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your true self, motivations, and aspirations

  • Overcome limitations, boost confidence, and make empowered, authentic decisions

  • Shift from overwhelm to strategy, procrastination to focus, and confusion to crystal-clear clarity

  • Liberate yourself from fear, negative self-talk, and past traumas, embracing a life of limitless possibilities

Dr. Simone Boer