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90 Days to Changing You, Changing Your Life


Embark on a transformative journey with "Ignite You: 90 Days to Changing You, Changing Your Life." This meticulously crafted program, rooted in the principles of neurocoaching and brain hacks, is designed to revolutionize your confidence and reshape your life.


Program Overview:


"Ignite You" is a 90-day immersive experience that combines the latest neuroscientific insights with practical, real-world applications. This program is your blueprint for profound personal and professional transformation, empowering you with the tools to unlock your full potential.


Key Components:


  • Weekly Educational Masterclasses: Engaging sessions that blend neuroscience with actionable confidence-building strategies, includes quizzes, reports, videos, and
  • Brain Hacks: Exclusive access to brain-based techniques for enhancing self-belief and cognitive flexibility.
  • Monthly Coaching Q&A with Dr. Simone Boer: Personalized guidance to deepen your understanding and application of neurocoaching principles.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with peers and mentors through a dedicated chat channel for ongoing support and inspiration.
  • 1:1 Support through your dedicated chat channel with Simone


What You Will Learn and Achieve:


  • Understand and leverage the power of your brain for confidence and success.
  • Apply practical brain hacks to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome.
  • Develop a resilient, assertive identity through neuroscience-backed techniques.
  • Set and achieve ambitious goals with a newfound sense of assurance and clarity.


Who Is This For?


"Ignite You" is ideal for anyone seeking a science-based, practical approach to building confidence and inducing life-changing habits. Whether you are navigating career transitions, personal challenges, or simply seeking to maximize your potential, this program offers a fresh, brain-based approach to achieving your dreams.


Join Us on This Empowering Journey:


Ready to ignite your potential? Join "Ignite You: 90 Days to Changing You, Changing Your Life" and experience the synergy of neuroscience and personal development. Invest now and transform your life with the power of your own brain.

Ignite You - 90 Day Coaching Program

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